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Rad – n., adj. 1. Shorthand for radiation; 2. A dose or measurement of radiation.

Ram – n. Decker slang for personality, ie. a cyberdeck’s persona program modules. From, “Random-Access Memory.”

Ramjammer – n. A decker, more often a juggler, addicted to violent confrontations in the Matrix.

R and P – v. Gang slang for engaging in an activity with excessive force or violence. From, “Rape & Pillage.”

Rainbow File – n. The research and development data of a company.

Rainmaker – n. Street slang for toxic shamans, from the acid rains that fell continuously over the big eastern seaboard ‘plexes.

Rak or Rakkie – n.(vul) 1. A jerk; 2. A suburbanite.

Rakking – adj.(vul) Of or relating to being useless.

Rak off – adj.(vul) Go away!

Raku – n., adj. An abbreviation, often derogatory, for Renraku Control Systems or any of its employees/assets/holdings.

Rakusho-dayo! – x. (jpn) Lit. “No problem!”

Rat-Lab – n. Street slang for prisons under the Provincial U.S., where prisoners were used for medical, chemical, cybernetic, etc. research.

Ray-Ban Mode – n. Samurai slang for wearing shades.

Razorguy/boy/girl – n. 1. A heavily cybered samurai or other muscle-for-hire (cf. gillette); 2. Anyone with implanted blades/razors.

Reality Junkie – n. Anyone addicted to V.R., simsense, the Matrix, or video games. See vidiot.

Reason – n. 1. A slang name for a minigun; 2. (mil) A railgun.

Reconfig – v. To kill or die in a particularly messy fashion, usually with a knife or blade.

Recycling – n. The “environmentally friendly” act of killing someone and taking the corpse to a body bank.

Reduce – v. Street slang for causing physical violence (eg. “Hey bit-brain, shut it down or I’ll reduce your face!”)

Reduction – n. (corp) The act of reducing something or someone.

Reflex Chip – n. See apter.

‘Rents – n. Street slang for Parents.

Rigging – v. To jack into and control a security system or vehicle, becoming one with it.

Rimbo – n. A gun-toting sex kitten (ie. a “Rambo bimbo”).

Rin Tin Tin – n., adj. A security guard dog or police K9, often used to mean electrocur.

Ripper Doc – n. A surgeon specializing in implanting illegal cyberware.

Rippers – n. A slang term for hand razors.

Rock – v. To punch or kick someone violently, especially to the head. Derived from the Jailhouse Rock fighting style.

Rock & Roll – n. (mil) A term for firing a weapon (often, from the hip, ie. in a guitar-like stance) with the selector on ‘full automatic.’

Rocker [-Boy/Girl] – n. A freelanced musician or stage performer, especially those who use their art to make political or social statements.

Rockstar – n. A (typically, apolitical) musician or stage performer, who is “owned” by a recording company or corp.

Rogue – n. An A.I. which has “escaped” from its host or node into the Matrix and is no longer under human control.

Rogue Hunter – n. Any (slightly deranged or fatemeat) decker who tracks down and captures (or eliminates) rogues.

R.O.E. – n. (mil) A samurai term for the specific conditions of a particular contract. From “Rules Of Engagement.”

Roid – n. 1. A slang term for a steroid; 2. A derm.

Roll Up – v. (mil) To capture.

Ronin – n. (jpn) A freelanced assassin or mercenary, usually considered untrustworthy.

R.O.V. – Remotely Operated Vehicle. An acronym describing a vehicle system driven by a user from a remote computer terminal. Most commonly used to refer to robotic submarines.

Rowr – (aust.) An expression of incomprehension.

R.T.G. – n. Lit. Regional Telecommunications Grid, ie. the largest type of grid, which is made up of numerous LTG’s & PLTG’s, often covering entire countries.

‘Run – n. A shorthand term for a shadowrun.

Running Naked – v. To enter the Matrix without a cyberdeck, using a program carrier.

R.V. – n. 1. (mil) A RendezVous point. Also, a called a P.Z.; 2. Slang for an A.P.C. From “Recreational Vehicle.”

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Dictionary R

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