The Anime

A large cafe with a 1980’s anime theme. The cafe serves a mix of Japanese and American Cuisine. It has an outstanding sushi bar and in the basement is a private dance floor. No alcohol is served but patrons are welcome to bring their own.

The staff all are posers that appear to be characters from variour 1980’s anime programs. The owner of the establishment is Sailor Venus and the bouncers are the Puma Sisters.

The cafe offers full web access as well as rental rigs for posers who cant afford their own net running gear. Non-posers are welcome in the place but they do stand out.

All of the poser gangs in the area of the college campus and the park hang out at The Anime. Amazingly their is little to no violence or crime in the establishment.

Regular patrons can purchase a VIP card for a nominal fee. With this card they gain preferential seating, an upgraded menu, and companionship (Cute posers who will fawn over them) if they desire.

Created By

The Anime

The Gibson Institute StephenWollett