Welcome to The Gibson Institute

The goal of The Institute is to become a repository of fluff, general information, window dressing, slang, original creations, and anything and everything in the Cyberpunk genre. The institute is set up as a place for members of the community to share ideas, post characters or places they’ve come up with, and so forth.

Whether Cyberpunk 2020, Paranoia, Shadowrun or any other game system with the general near future dystopian feel, I invite all GMs and players and fans of the genre to join up, add stuff, edit stuff as appropriate, and try to make this a huge resource for all, or if you’re not comfortable doing the editing, please make a comment or a forum post with the content and I’m sure someone will put it up.

For the interest of organization, I will be making a table with general categories that I will attempt to copy to all sections of the wiki. Category pages to follow, as well as a general resource section for people to use for formatting, and markup help including links to several images I have on photobucket for general formatting. As always, feel free to do your own thing, there is no need for uniformity here. Fight the system!

Stay tuned!

The Gibson Institute

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