Dictionary C

C-SWAT (“see-swat”) – Cybernetic Special Weapons And Tactics, the police elite who tackle cybered perps. See, shadowriders.

C.Y.A. (“see-why-ay”) – To look out for ones self or interests. From acronym for, “Cover Yer Ass.”

Cakewalk – (mil) A quick, easy, uncomplicated job that requires almost no effort to complete.

Carbon nanotubes – synthetic arrangements of carbon molecules into a tubelike structure. This configuration produces a material with very high tensile strength and is a theoretical candidate for constructing a tether for a space elevator platform.

Card – To demand that a person show their personal identification.

Carpet – (mil) An electronic warfare jamming device.

Castrato – A muzak-man.

Casualty in Waiting – A pedestrian in the middle of a gun fight or Urban Brawl match.

Cause Static – To start trouble.

Cat – A cat burglar.

Catalog – A “Class-A” information dossier.

Cement Poisoning – What a person dies of after being pushed off a multi-story building. See, deceleration trauma.

Centering – an ability that is gained by someone after Initiation.  It allows one to essentially focus their mind/body to accomplish something more easily. Good examples are Zen meditation, chanting ancient languages and/or mantras, some musical skill, etc.

Certified credstick – a certified credstick is essentially the same thing as cash, a lot more durable, and a lot easier to carry when you need to toss around thousands of nuyen. It is a more primitive credstick that contains cred, but does not require ID. Don’t lose it.

Cester – 1. A person who engages in sex with a family member; 2. Any couples who members are genetically related.

Chalk Outline – See ‘sidewalk outline’.

Charlie Foxtrot – (mil) A ClusterFrag, from the military’s phonetic alphabet for “C” & “F” (Cf. Foxtrot Uniform).

Check Out – To die.

Chill – Street slang for freon, a commodity now, available only to the rich who still have air-conditioners.

Chilled – A hip term meaning, to be cool together.

Chinese Take-Out – Anything extremely jumbled or messy (eg. “That riotgun made his chest look like Chinese take-out.”)

Chipjack – A piece of Cyberware that consists of a specialized Datajack port in the user’s head that allows her to access chips such as Skillsofts.

Chip-truth – The absolute truth.

Chiphead – A person addicted to simsense chips.

Chipped – 1. Anyone/thing enhanced by cyberware.; 2. Actively using a simsense chip.; 3. To interface through cyberware.

Chombatta – (afr) Neo-African slang for a friend/family member. Roughly equivalent to chummer. Also, choomba.

Choob – A mildly derogatory slang term for a jerk, nerd, or weirdo. See, slot.

Chooh (“Choo”) – 1. Ganger slang for booze, also ‘hooch’.; 2. Street slang for CHOOH-2, a synthetic meta-alcohol fuel, as used in vehicle power plants. Also, choo.

Chop – Slang for a credstick or cred-chip.

Chop Shop – A black clinic.

Chopping – The process of “cracking” a stolen credstick.

Chow Chit – See kibble card.

Chromatic – 1. Of or relating to Heavy Metal music; 2. Anything wild, fantastic, or bodacious.

Chrome – 1. A generic reference to cyberware; 2. Sexy features on a program, not needed for functionality, but radiating style (eg. a guillotine for a trashcan icon); 3. Materials used to spice-up the appearance of something (eg. flash, glitter, bells & whistles, tinsel).

Chrome-Banger – A slang term for the cyberpsycho squad. Also called, circuit breakers.

Chromed – The state of being equipped with obvious offensive augmentations.

Chromer – 1. Someone with heavy visible cyber augmentation. 2. Metalheads, ie. heavy metal fans; 3. A member of a gang dedicated to chromatic music & mindless violence.

Chuck – A Caucasian person. Normally used derogatorily.

Chummliechen – The German form of chummer.

Chummer – A familiar greeting or form of address meaning buddy, pal, or chum. Often used in a dual fashion. It can be friendly or sarcastic.

Chunking – The act of eating on the run or as a secondary activity.

Chunky Salsa Effect – The resulting state of a (meta-)human body in a small, well-built area, after the introduction of a grenade or other explosive device.

Cinema – A movie or simsense, usually in tri-d.

C.I.R.S. (“curse”) – The Curse of unfortunate cyberware users. From the abbreviation for Cybernetic Implant Rejection Syndrome.

Cityspeak – A hybrid street language, incorporating a mishmash of Japanese, Spanish, German, Cantonese, etc. Also called, Towntalk (cf. Tunneltalk).

Clavie – 1. Lit. any person who lives in an enclave; 2. A playful or familiar cut-down or “slam,” used among friends.

Cleaner – An assassin (or team) used to eliminate all traces of a mission, including the participants.

Cleansing – an ability that is gained by someone after Initiation.  It allows one to remove some types of residual Background Count.

Clint – The male counterpart to a Brandy, but handsome & craggy, with chiseled features & limited facial expressions.

Close a Contract – (mil) To kill or assassinate. Also, dust, eradicate, erase, grease, hose, liquidate, neutralize, pop, smoke, vape, wax, etc…

Collar – A derogatory term for a white-collar worker, usually a low-level employee of a megacorp.

Combat Drug – (mil) A designer drug, originally for military use.

Combat Zone – Any area of urban decay in a major city.

COM-INT – (mil) An abbreviation for COMmunications INTelligence, ie. bugs & wire-taps, and their users.

Comm – The everyday name for the telephone. From, telecomm.

Company Man/Operative – A reflex-boosted or heavily cybered assassin in the employ of a major corp (cf. ballerina, operative).

Composition-12 (C-12) – (mil) The latest (& most potent) generation of “highly stable, moldable, & color-coded,” military, plastiqué explosives.

Coffin – A 1×1x2 meter motel room with few accouterments other than a foam bed/floor, (often) a public trid-phone entertainment unit, and scarcely enough room to allow the patron to crawl in and close the door.

Coffin Hotel – A rack of coffin-sized rooms (cf.), usually six to twelve across and four or five levels high. Originally a Japanese hospitality solution, that has now become a lifestyle for some of the more downtrodden.

Config – To arrange something.

Construct – A mobile, complex program, often combining multiple pieces of (different types of) IC.

Containers – Street slang for refugees from the Chicago Containment Zone.

Corp – Of or relating to a corporation, its assets, personnel, or anything corporate.

Corpse – A CORPorate Security Expert, ie. a corporate assassin. See ballerina, company man.

Corpsicle – A (live or dead) body frozen in suspended animation or cryosleep.

Cortex Bomb – See cranial bomb.

Cowboy – A very hot, professional decker or netrunner. Also, console cowboy.

Coyote – (azt) Someone who smuggles (usually illegal immigrants) across the Aztlan border.

Cranial Bomb – An illegal, piece of cybernetic headware, used to control or coerce the bearer by offering the “ultimate headache.” See, cranial nuke & kink bomb.

Cranial Nuke – An area effect cranial bomb, which is strong enough to significantly damage the bearer’s surroundings (cf. kink bomb).

Crease – To kill, usually with a blunt object.

Cred – Money, typically electronic funds. From credit.

Credstick – A small plastic device, that serves as both ID & credit card, and occasionally, a room key.

C.S.C. – A tactful, politically correct, corp-speak form of address for a decker. From “Computer Sabotage Consultant.”

Cube – A person who always operates within the confines of the law, ie. the 3-dimensional evolution of the term, “square.”

Culture Vulture – A slang term for a member of the media. Often used derogatorily.

Curse, The – See CIRS.

Cut-Out – (mil) A go-between, used for a security in a covert operation.

Cut-Out Chip – A quasi-legal piece of neural cyberware, that selectively turns off specified stimuli from/to the brain.

Cyberaxe – Any musical instrument (although typically a guitar) that is equipped with a cybernetic interface.

Cybercafe – something akin to a coffee shop or teahouse with high-speed data terminals at each table.  The food is generally snack-like food and the drinks are typically highly caffeinated, for the truly “wired” experience.

Cyberdeck – a portable terminal that allows deckers to interface directly with the Matrix.

Cybereye – A piece of Cyberware that consists of cybernetic replacement of an eye. A cybereye usually has 20/20 vision and can have many cosmetic effects. Cybereyes can be outfitted with multiple features.

Cyberhound – Guard dog or similar creature with augmented offensive abilities. Also called, electrocurs.

Cyberlimb – A piece of Cyberware that consists of a limb replaced by a cybernetic limb.

Cybernetic Implant Rejection Syndrome – A psychotic aberration suffered by excessive cyberware implantation (cf. biosystem-overstress & cyberpsychosis).

Cyberpsychosis – An undefined schizoid-like disorder caused by excessive cyberware implantation.

Cyberpsycho Squad – Any specialized law enforcement unit, eg. C-SWAT, who tracks down cybernetic criminals or psychotics.

Cyberspace – another reference to the environment of the Matrix.

Cyberterminal – Any (usually, non-portable) slow computer used for safe, legal Matrix access and work.

Cyberware – Any cybernetic or bionic implant that enhances, augments, or replaces a specific body function.

Cylon – A derogatory term for corporate security personnel. From a old flatvideo show.

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Dictionary C

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