Dictionary D

Daddy – An “add-on,” data- knowledge- or skill-soft chip, which augments existing skills or provides new ones.

Dancer – A highly addictive illegal designer drug that instates a need for violence and a disregard for self preservation, the drug is often lethal.

Dandelion Eater – Derogatory term for an elf, highly insulting.

Dark, the – 1. a city underculture, the shadow-world.; 2.Slang for outer space.

Datajack – A piece of Cyberware that consists of a port in the user’s head that allows her to interface cyberneticaly with appropriately equipped gear.

Dataslave – A corporate decker or other data processing employee.

Datasofts – see Skillsofts.

Datasteal – The theft of data from a computer, usually by decking.

D.D.R. – An acronym for, (an expert in) “Difficult Data Retrieval.” See, CSC.

Dead Presidents – A term referring to the old United States’ paper currency.

Deb – Gang slang for a “Transvestite,” a type of posergang.

Decelleration Trauma – The death inducing portion of a long fall that occurs aburptly at its end. See cement poisoning.

Deck – 1. A cyberdeck; 2. To use a cyberdeck; 3. To punch deck.

Decker – A cyberdeck user (cf. netrunner), derived from the older term, “hacker.”

Deckhead – 1. A simsense abuser. Also, wirehead; 2. Anyone with a datajack or chipjack.

Deckjock(ey) – An expert cyberdeck user, usually indicates a specialization (eg. at covertly accessing and stealing from corp databases).

Dee Cee – The capital of the UCAS. From the truncation of “FDC,” ie. the Federal District of Columbia.

Deep Freeze – A slang word for being extremely distant though not outright rude to someone. “Chummer, this chica was so hot but when I talked to her she just gave me the deep freeze.”

Deep Reality – The “real world,” as opposed to the realities we create in our minds (eg. RPG’s) and in our processors (eg. the Matrix).

Deliverator – a pizza delivery boy in the employ of the mafia

Delta – Slang term for a smuggling aircraft.

Deltajock – A hotshot pilot.

Deniable – (mil) Anyone hired to have no connection to the hiring institution, that can easily be disavowed after the fact, eg. a deniable asset or a deniable person.

Dentata – a contraceptive device worn in the vaginal canal which delivers a strong sedative to anyone entering the woman, rendering them unconscious.

De-Rezz – 1. To terminate a program. From “de-resolution,” 2. To kill someone.

Derm – A designer drug, applied to the dermis, that increases healing and limits fatigue – especially dermal slap-patches.

Dermal Plating – A piece of cyberware that consists of sub-dermal plates and fibers grafted to the recipient’s skin. They help protect from damage. They are not subtle, but they are effective.

D.I. – One or more expert systems forming a Digital Intelligence (which is less complex & less expensive than an A.I.).

Die [or Dying] of the Measles – (mil) A military parlance meaning, an assassination which makes the death appear to be from natural causes.

Dilligaf! – (vul) I could care less. Buzz! Go away! From the acronym, “Do I Look Like I Give A Frag?”

Dimmer – Mage slang for a Bioroid or anyone with low astral presence.

Dink – Gang slang for a member of a rival gang.

Dirtboy – (vul) Pilot slang for a male non-flier.

Dirtnap – Slang for death, as in “he’s takin’ a dirtnap.”

Dirtside – A reference to a planetary surface (as opposed to space).

Dirtsider – A derogatory highrider term for someone who is rarely, if ever, in space.

Dirty – 1. A derogatory term for low-tech (eg. paper & pencils, walking, etc.); 2. Any traceable illegal item; 3. Anything contaminated.

Dis – To treat with irreverence or insolence. From, “disrespect.”

Disappear – To cause a person (and all known references to that person) to become difficult or impossible to find.

D.N.I. – A cybernetic connection between flesh and machine (eg. datajack, or a rigging harness). From, “Direct Neural Interface.”

Doc Box – A slang term for a medic’s instrument kits, usually run at least partially by an expert system.

Dock – To have sex.

Dr. Know – 1. A contact who always seems to have useful info; 2. A seller of skillsoft chips.

Domo Arigato – (jpn) Lit. “thank you.”

‘Dorph – 1. A derm; 2. An abbreviation for any of several synthetic endorphin drugs.

‘Dorph Gang – A type of street gang that takes and distributes synthetic endorphin drugs.

Doughboy/girl – A derogatory term for someone wearing too much body armor (cf. duck).

Do [him/her] Ugly – To beat up or be beaten up, as in, “Boy, somebody sure did him ugly!”

Downtime – Free or off-duty time.

Draga – (hng) Of or relating to anything expensive.

Dreamqueen – A simsense abuser.

Drek – (vul) A common curse word, as in “bulldrek;” adj. drekky. Synonymous with ‘shit’.

Drek Run – Any mission of very little pay or challenge, offered when good work is scarce, or to newbies as a test.

Drig – An expletive, equivalent to frag, meaning “copulation”

Drones – unmanned vehicles, generally remote controlled by a rigger or automated with simple commands.  Usually, they are used for reconnaissance, security, and combat.

Duke – A pseudo-derogatory slang term describing a person who takes unbelievable risks – or has a deathwish.

Duck – A person who carries more weapons than could possibly be needed. Possibly, from their tendency to waddle under the weight.

Dumped – To be involuntarily ejected while rigging, while in the Matrix, or during a simsense viewing.

Dumpshock – The disorientation and nausea resulting from the rapid cutoff of a direct brain signal.

Dust – (mil) To kill or assassinate.

D.V. – To make something worthless. From, “devalue.”

D.Z. – (mil) Abbreviation for Drop Zone, a parachutist’s/pilot’s touch-down target. Also, landing zone (cf. hot LZ).

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Dictionary D

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