Dictionary M

M & M – n., adj. A derogatory term for a fixer or go-between. From middle-man.

Magetalk – n. The unofficial lingo of the magically-active crowd.

Maglev – n., adj. A shorthand term for a MAGnetic LEVitation train.

Make a Deposit [in the Body Bank] – v. To die.

Marionette – n. A meat puppet.

Marley – adj. A complementary term, often applied musical performances (eg. “a Marley of a concert”). See, Harry.

Matchbox – n., adj. A sleep cube or coffin.

Matrix, The – n. The consensual, V.R. hallucination of the world-wide telecommunications network, its hosts, icons, & sites.

Matrix Run – n. A session spent interfaced to a cyberdeck (eg. jacked-in) & exploring the Matrix, usually while invading a corp database.

Max-Tac – n. A MAXimun force TACtical division, eg. C-SWAT.

Meat – 1. n. Decker slang for the physical body, un-cybered flesh, or anything else undesirable. Also called meatbody; 2. x. (vul) A decker curse-word, equivalent to “drek!”

Meatball – n. One augmented with grafted muscle implants.

Meat Bop Part – n. A vat grown replacement body part.

Meat Puppet – n. A prostitute whose memory and/or senses are disabled while “working,” usually with a puppet chip.

Meat Rack – n. A house of ill repute.

Meat-Space – n. Decker slang for the physical world, ie. the opposite of cyberspace.

Meatworld – n. Decker slang referring to the physical world.

Mechanic – n. See, cleaner.

Medico – n. The heavily armored, non-offensive, biotech position on an urban brawl team.

Mentat – n. A brainy individual, specifically one who will stare unmoving at a problem & come up with The answer.

Messerklaue – Colloquial. Commonly used in the AGS (Allied German States; dt. Allianz Deutscher Länder) to describe 1) a Cybersamurai, 2) a person, who’s equipped with cyberware close-combat weapons such as thin, sharpened metal nails or spines, 3) pejoratively used to describe a person or Cybersamurai, who does not adhere to the Samurai’s code of honour (Bushidō).

Metalhead – n. 1. A heavy metal fan; 2. (vul) Non-cybered slang for a cybered person.

Metro – n., adj. Of or relating to the subway or underground.

Microdeck – n. The Gates family’s “legacy” software AA megacorporation: Microdeck Industries.

Microsoft – n. Any data- knowledge- or skillsoft.

Middle-Man – n. A street term for a fixer or go-between. Also, middle, 3Man, & M & M.

Mierda – n., x. (spn, vul) A Spanish equivalent to drek.

Mileetsya – n. (rus) Corporate security or the military. From the corrupted Russian pronunciation of “militia.”

MIL-INT – n., adj. 1. (mil) An abbreviation for MILitary INTelligence; 2. Anything inherently oxymoronic.

Mr. Johnson – n. A slang term referring to any anonymous employer or corporate agent.

Mr. Name – n. A Mr. Johnson who’s identity one threatens to remember.

Mr. Who – n. An anonymous employer, financial backer, or a person of higher authority. See Mr. Johnson.

Mnemonic – n. Someone who uses a brain implant as an electronic vault, eg. protected headware memory.

Moddy – n. A personality module or cyberchip, which allows the user to become totally submerged in the recorded pesonality.

Mojo – n., adj. 1. (afr?) A slang term for Magick, or more properly for Voudoun, believed to have originated from an African (probably Gullah) word, moco, also meaning magic or witchcraft; 2. n. Street slang for narcotics, especially morphine derivatives.

Monkey – n. Corporate slang for an expandable person. See scratch monkey.

Monkey Trick – n. Corporate slang for a job in which a monkey is not expected to survive.

Morningstar – n. Samurai slang for incendiary grenades/devices, particularly white phosphorous (WP).

Motorhead – n. A rigger or mechanic.

Mouse Around – v. To explore in a very low profile manner, as in “let’s mouse around the perimeter & see if we can find a way in.”

M.P.C.P. – n. Decker shorthand for a cyberdeck’s master operating system. Lit. “Master Persona Control Program.”

Mudgirl – n. (vul) Airborne rigger slang for a female non-flyer.

Mundane – n., adj. (often, vul) See mundy.

Mundy – n., adj. (usually, vul) Of or relating to a non-magician or anything non-magical.

Muscle Boy/Girl – n. Someone with enhanced strength or muscle grafts.

Mushi – n. (jpn) Lit. “a computer glitch.”

Müslifresser – Colloquial. Commonly used in the AGS (Allied German States; dt. Allianz Deutscher Länder) to describe pejoratively 1) an Elf or Half-Elf, accounting to the common belief that most elves are vegetarian/vegan and thus only eat cereals, 2) also used to describe a Greenie or ecological group members.

Muzak-Man – n. A derogatory term for a rocker who has sold out to an entertainment corp. Also, synth-soul & castrato.

Muzzleneck – n. 1. A heavy weapons or rifle specialist; 2. Anyone with a rifle slung over his/her shoulder (ie. “You take the out the mage, I’ll cap the two muzzlenecks.”)

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